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National Islam party youth league president’s lunar calendar New Year message

I first respectfully wish the Malaysian dragon in this descendants’ person of Chinese descent from all walks of life in

February 7, 2008 agricultural all previous years Happy New Year. Lunar calendar

New year is the Chinese nation most important holiday, rests on Chinese people’s agriculture

The experience, this year soon enters the mouse year.

Said to the Chinese people that, the lunar calendar new year is representing the new hope and new

Starts as well as the new expectation, therefore the person of Chinese descent from all walks of life all extremely takes

This holiday, certainly must the very grand celebration, also includes Malaya

West Asia’s person of Chinese descent people.

Does not have the fact which may deny, the Malaysian people are withstanding the pain which 百物 rises in prices. Although

This is a fact which is unable to avoid, but feels bad year after year or has wanted year after year.I in this

Hoped a Chinese people’s fine tradition like whole families happy ending and eats the family reunion dinner to be able long for a very long time

Continues and carries forward.

Young obtains the old red package to represent the good luck, gets married for the red package with taking which has not gotten married

The red package, is young to old pays new year’s call symbolizes mutually is respecting and the intimate falls in love. Dance lion dance

The dragon performance is representing the good luck. . .

I sincerely represent the Malaysian Islam party in this, hopes in this new year, national various races

The people can the even more unity, simultaneously I also think, Chinese people’s lunar calendar new year fine biography

The series, all the people should celebrate together, promotes various races the unity.

The Islam party leads everybody unity same place

Salad Hu Ding member of national assembly


National Islam party youth league president

吉兰丹member of national assembly KubangKrian