Malaysian Muslim youths slam ’sexy’ Indonesian singer

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – – The youth wing of Malaysia’s opposition Islamic party on Thursday slammed an upcoming concert by an Indonesian songstress, saying her hip-swivelling dance moves were “too sexy and immoral”.

Kamaruzaman Mohamad, Kuala Lumpur PAS youth chief said party workers would distribute about 20,000 pamphlets to discourage youths from watching Inul Darastita’s concert on Sunday at the Bukit Jalil sports stadium south of the city.

“This concert not only promotes un-Islamic values, it is also a very immoral showmanship and even non-Muslims would agree with me,” he told AFP.

“Just watch her videos on YouTube website and you will see what I mean. It is too sexy, erotic even and not suitable for Malaysians,” he said.

PAS youth has in the past opposed performances by Gwen Stefani and Beyonce in Malaysia, saying they promoted a “very, very immoral” culture among youngsters.

“We are experiencing a moral decay in society so we should work to promote a cleaner culture, not one that is sinful.

“We are not denying public rights to have a concert but please, Indonesia has a host of very good, classy artists so why can’t they bring them instead?” Kamaruzaman said.

Songstress Inul is well known for her “dangdut” song and hip-swivelling dance routines which she performs in form-fitting, sexy attire.

Last week her concert in southern Johor state was cancelled by the state government, with no reasons given. Inul reportedly fainted in distress upon hearing the news, reports said.

PAS, which rules the northern state of Kelantan, has had ambitions of turning mainly-Muslim Malaysia into a theocratic state under Islamic rule.

But in recent years it has begun introducing reforms designed to tone down its hardline reputation and woo young voters

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